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The Montey Greene Manifesto

I am the creator and author of several book series: the "Montey Greene" suspense-thriller book series (the first three books falling under the "Identity Crisis Trilogy"); "Maxwell Bennett:Billionaire Escort" erotic novella series; and the hitwoman "Bitch on a Bike:Exstacy Monroe" action-thriller series. He also co-authored the musical stage play and screenplay "What's On The Hearts Of Men" with his brother, actor Malik Yoba. In addition to writing, I'm also a Hollywood Literary Manager (GhettoSuburbia Entertainment/GSE Literary Management) helping guide the careers of up and coming screenwriters. Yoba splits time between his birth place of New York and his adopted hometown, Los Angeles.

Get...Montey Greene (Identity Crisis Trilogy, Book 2)

Get...Montey Greene - A.R. Yoba

A.R. Yoba is back with the second installment in his Identity Crisis Trilogy, "Get...Montey Greene." In Europe the globetrotting ex-soldier and unemployed security systems analyst from Brooklyn found trouble in a beautiful Colombian woman named Alejandra. The type of trouble that can get you four bullets in the back and leave you with a sketchy memory. Now Montey Greene is back in the States. Back in Brooklyn, New York on his own turf. This time he finds a more pleasurable form of trouble in a Russian woman named Tatiana. And that lingering sketchy memory that has him wondering why he keeps responding to a name that's not even on his birth certificate.

He survived the four bullets they put in his back while vacationing in Europe, now he was back in his own backyard. Back in the midst of the glitz and grime called Brooklyn, New York.

He thought he was home free when his feet finally touched down on U.S soil. He was eager to see his kids and soon to be ex-wife, Patricia, again. Maybe they could patch things up. Be a family again. Instead he found himself fighting his way out of some federal agent's interrogation room, and running for his life in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Reconciliation was gonna have to take a rain-check 'cause Montey Greene was still on the run. Running from the chaos that was Europe, the Feds, a reputed drug kingpin's henchman and from whatever unknown government entity that's put a price on his head. He's running fast. He's running hard. He's running straight towards whatever fate awaits him around the next corner.